About  us


Chinese Society for Plant Biology (CSPB) was founded in October 1963 and renamed from Chinese Society for Plant Physiology in March 2010. 

Currently, CSPB has established local societies or groups for plant physiology and plant biology in 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and keeps more than 7,000 individual members throughout China. It governs 10 special committees, 4 sub-societies and 3 working committees. 

CSPB has engaged in such businesses as academic communication, science popularization, periodical publication, international cooperation, talent recommendation, education & training, science & technology consulting, etc.

Current Leaders

Honorary President:  Xu Zhihong 

President:  Chen Xiaoya 

Vice President: Cao Xiaofeng,Huang Sanwen,Huang Yingjin, Xia Guangmin, Zhu Yuxian 

Secretary General: Tang Weihua 

Deputy Secretary General:  Leng Bing (full-time), Huang Rongfeng,Zheng Shaojian, Yu Mengmeng 


Plant Biomass and Bioenergy Special Committee 
Environmental and Nutritive Physiology Special Committee 
Plant Microbial Molecular Interactions Special Committee 
Cell and Developmental Biology Special Committee 
Genetics and Molecular Biology Special Committee 
Phytoremediation Biology Special Committee 
Plant Hormone Biology Special Committee 
Plant flowering, maturation and senescence Committee 
Photosynthesis Special Committee 
Plant Metabolism Special Committee 
Plant Biotechnology and Industrialization Sub-society 
Plant Biotechnology Female Scientists Sub-society Aquatic 
Plant Biology Sub-society Education and Science 
Popularization Work Committee 
Western Cooperation Work Committee 
Youth Work Committee 

Contact us

No. 300 Fengling Road, Shanghai, 200032,China  
Email: cspb@cemps.ac.cn