Meeting & Events

2021 National Academic Annual Conference of Chinese Society for Plant Biology

July 26-29, 2021 

Kunming, Yunnan This conference will be themed by “Modern Agriculture and Biodiversity”. Experts and scholars with outstanding achievements and important academic influence in the field of plant biology in China and outstanding young scientists will be invited to conduct academic exchanges at the conference. This conference is aimed at displaying the cutting-edge achievements in basic research of plant biology, promoting the exchange and cooperation of researchers in the field of plant biology in China, accelerating the development of plant biology discipline in China and boosting the development of China’s agriculture and economy. 

Crop Ecophysiology Seminar and Photosynthesis Research Technology Training Course

August 22-27, 2021 

Shanghai In order to further promote the research on photosynthesis in China, especially the research on photosynthetic physiology, ecology, genetics and high photosynthetic efficiency transformation, and accelerate the progress of basic research on photosynthesis in the field of crop breeding and cultivation with high photosynthetic efficiency, we will hold the “Crop Ecophysiology Seminar and Photosynthesis Research Technology Training Course”. This seminar-course will focus on these contents: the latest progress in photosynthetic ecophysiology and high photosynthetic efficiency transformation, theoretical basis and practical operation of technologies required for the research on photosynthetic ecophysiology and analytic methods of measured data. In addition, its experimental content will cover photosynthetic gas exchange measurement, chlorophyll fluorescence data measurement, group photosynthesis measurement and water physiology measurement, etc. Domestic experts and scholars who have carried out the long-term research on photosynthesis will be invited to give lectures. The focus of this training is on cultivating the talents with practical experimental operation ability. It is expected that this seminar- course can lay a solid theoretical and technical foundation for photosynthesis researchers to carry out the research.   

The 4th National Symposium on Plant Stress Biology

May 31 - June 3, 2021 

Shanghai This symposium will be themed by “application technology from stress perception”. Experts and scholars in the field of plant stress biology in China will be invited to introduce the latest progress and discuss how to further carry out the researches on plant stress sensing and signal transduction, plant organelle and stress response, plant nutritional stress and stress biotechnology in combination with the development trend and research status of plant (crop) stress biology at home and abroad so as to promote the development of plant (crop) stress biology in China.

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